Direct Primary Care

At Cheval Wellness, we believe healthcare should be simple and affordable. That’s why we offer Direct Primary Care, a revolutionary model that puts you first, not the insurance companies. Think of it as “The Netflix of Healthcare.”

Here’s how it works: Instead of dealing with complicated insurance billing, you pay a low monthly membership fee. This covers unlimited in-person or virtual visits, giving you the flexibility to see us as often as you need for any health concerns. Our longer appointment times (30-60 minutes) ensure you get the thorough, personalized care you deserve.

Our members also benefit from discounted labs, imaging, and wholesale medications. Plus, you can call, text, or email your provider directly with any concerns. While we handle a wide range of medical conditions, we can refer you to specialists if needed* (except for those with HMO or Medicare Advantage plans). Direct Primary Care is not a substitute for insurance that covers catastrophic events, but it enhances your overall healthcare experience.

Why choose Direct Primary Care if you already have insurance? Because out-of-pocket costs for urgent care, lab work, and emergency visits can add up quickly, often exceeding the cost of our annual membership. If you have a high-deductible plan, you might end up paying a lot before your insurance even starts to cover costs. Our clinic can handle 90% of your healthcare needs, saving you money and providing comprehensive care without the hassles of insurance.

Join the tens of thousands of Americans who love their Direct Primary Care practice. For less than the cost of your monthly cell phone bill, you can have 24/7 access to a dedicated medical provider, ensuring a healthier, happier life with minimal out-of-pocket expenses. Become a member of our Direct Primary Care practice today and experience healthcare the way it should be.


  • Transparent Pricing: Know exactly what you pay without hidden fees.
  • 24/7 Direct Access: Reach your provider anytime via messaging or email.
  • Self-Scheduling: Convenient online scheduling for established members.
  • Unlimited Visits: Extended appointment times to ensure comprehensive care.
  • No Waiting: Immediate attention without long waits.
  • House Calls: Home visits available upon request for an additional fee.
  • Included Medications: Many generic medications dispensed in-house.
  • Discounted Lab Work: Reduced prices for lab tests, drawn in-house.
  • Comprehensive Procedures: In-office services such as EKGs, joint injections, sutures, breathing treatments, vaccinations, pap smears, skin biopsies, cryotherapy, and abscess treatments.

Experience Convenient Care with Our Telehealth Services

  • Convenience: Consult with your healthcare provider from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you have internet access.
  • Time-Saving: No more travel time or waiting rooms. Schedule your appointment at a time that suits you best.
  • Safety: Reduce exposure to illnesses by opting for virtual consultations, especially during flu season or a pandemic.
  • Accessibility: Perfect for those in rural areas who may find it challenging to visit our clinic in person.


Age 18 & Up: Only $75/month

(Teenagers 13-18: $65/month with a parent/guardian)

Each additional family member: $65/month

Family Plan for Four: only $250/month


$99 Initial Enrollment Fee per person