Direct Primary Care

 the Direct Primary Care is a monthly membership care model where we work for the member and not the insurance companies. “The Netflix of Healthcare.”

At Cheval Wellness, we believe that healthcare should be simple and affordable. So, we do things differently at our office. Instead of billing health insurance, our members pay a low monthly fee and we see them as often as they need for whatever may ail them. It allows us to give our members 30-60 minute visits, get them in when they need to get in and give them the time and care they need.

In addition to unlimited in person or virtual appointments, our members have access to discounted labs, imaging, and wholesale medications. Our members can call, text or email their provider directly for any of their concerns.

While our provider is experienced in handling complex medical conditions, our office can refer you to specialists if you need additional care* (unless you have an HMO or Medicare Advantage plan). We are offering you traditional care combined with today’s technologies. However Direct Primary Care is not a replacement for insurance that covers catastrophic events.

Why do I need Direct Primary Care if I have insurance?

With insurance, the out-of-pocket costs can add up quickly. A trip to the urgent care, lab work, and Emergency Room fee can cost more than your annual Direct Primary Care membership. If you have a high deductible plan, you can easily burn through your deductible before your insurance plan kicks in.

All those costs can be avoided if you have access to our clinic and we take care of 90% of your health needs. Our clinic believes in personal relationships with our members to provide them with quality care without all the expenses and the added costs of insurance companies and bureaucracies.

Tens of thousands of people across America are already part of a Direct Primary Care practice and they absolutely love it. If you want to live a long, healthy life and have 24 hour access to a medical provider dedicated to keeping you healthy and minimizing your out of pocket expenses, all for less than the cost of your monthly cell phone bill, then become a member of our Direct Primary Care practice.


• Transparent pricing
• Direct 24/7 access to your provider by messaging or email
• Self Scheduling available to established members
• Portal available to view your health information when it’s convenient for you
• Unlimited visits with extended appointment lengths
• No waiting
• Virtual visits available
• House calls may be available upon request at an additional charge
• Many generic medications included & dispensed in house
• Reduced laboratory prices, drawn in house
• In office procedures included such as: EKGs, joint injections, sutures, breathing treatments, vaccinations, pap smears, skin biopsies, cryotherapy for skin lesions, incision and drainage of abscesses (some charges may apply for pathology reads or medications, these will be outlined before services are performed)
• Reduced pricing negotiated on x-rays, CTs, MRIs, and more at local centers


Age 18 & Up: $75/month

Add a family member:
$10 off each additional member

$50 Initial Enrollment Fee

Functional Medicine Program Available